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2014 - XV - Official restart with non-competition program

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1983 - X - About the festival in Cambridge Archives. In Bulgaria, Tenth International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films. International Review of the Red Cross, 23, pp 226-227. doi: 10.1017 / S0020860400069278

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1973 - V - The International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films is awarded the highest category "A" for such events, as they have long-standing similar forums - Cannes Film Festival, Moscow, Venice, Berlin, Karlovy Vary, etc.

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The last edition of the Festival in 1991 witness historical events, spread over Eastern Europe in the late 80s. The withdrawal of state funding and the gradual involvement of the main organiser - Bulgarian Red Cross in the resolution of a number social problems, disasters, accidents and catastrophes, as well as the coordination and logistics of numerous humanitarian aid are the overshadow the running of the Festival.


The motto of the festival is: "By humanism to peace and friendship." The history of the festival is in 14 editions, held every two years. Bulgarian State stood with all it authority behind this idea and supported the Festival with funds for the running of every edition. The Bulgarian Red Cross was the main organiser of the forum, and as partners joined Bulgarian Cinematography and Bulgarian Television. Gradually other government agencies and organisations start supporting the Festival: the Committee for Television and Radio, Ministry of Public Health, Ministry of Culture, Tourism Committee, the Union of Filmmakers, Union of Health Care Workers and others.

Appreciating its importance as a powerful tool for enhancing the image of the Red Cross and as a tool for the dissemination of humanitarian and cultural values through cinema, the Festival was traditionally attended by the most senior leaders of the international Red Cross organisations. The International Committee of the Red Cross, the League (now Federation) of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the World Health Organisation, UNESCO, SIDALC, the Association of Film Producers, Association of Film Distributors, the International Organisation of Film Critics, national cinematographies, film production houses, etc. are active organisers and supporters in the implementation of the Festival. Many established and awarded special prizes. At the forum film markets of regional and global importance were organised.

The Festival expands in terms of participation. For each edition there are between 350 and 500 films from 50-60 countries competing in different categories (of short and medium-length films, feature films, scientific, educational and healthcare popular films, TV films). A cinema and health professionals were siting in special committees to carry out a preliminary selection and include in the competition programs only works with undeniable artistic, scientific and cinematographic merits. In 1973 the Festival is recognised a fourth category of FMAF - International Federation of Association of Filmmakers and SIDALC International Film Critics Association. In the same category are the festivals in Cannes, Venice, San Sebastian and others. The festival is held in four categories:

A - Red Cross Films

B Short and medium length scientific and educational films on topics dedicated to health and environmental protection;

B - Feature films on humanitarian or health related issues

D - Television scientific programs on topics devoted to health and environmental protection