ARCHIVE / 1973


Varna, 18 – 27 June 1973

Prize Winners

A. Red Cross Films

Golden Ship Grand Prix: “Blood is Red Ail Over the World” (League, Hungary, Bulgaria)
Grand Prix of the League: “Good Deeds” (USSR)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “160,000x0,250” (Bulgaria), “Just an Ordinary Day” (Norway)
Silver medals in the two subgroups: “First Aid in External Haemorrhages” (GDR), “Man to Man” (Yugoslavia)

B. Short and medium-length films

Grand Prix: “To Be a Nurse” (France)
Gold medals in the three subgroups: “Heart, Sweet Heart” (USSR), “What Can Your Child Do” (FRG), “At the Bottom of the Aerial Ocean” (Czechoslovakia)
Silver medals in the three subgroups: “Stress” (Bulgaria), “Allergy” (Romania), “Like Other People” (Great Britain), “The Earth — Our Home” (USSR)
Special Prize of the Hygiene and Epidemiology Institute: “Clean Water” (Poland)

C. Full-length feature films

Grand Prix: “Search for the Man” (USSR)
Gold Medal: “Family Life” (Great Britain)
Silver Medal: “Love” (Hungary)
Special Prize of the League: “A Day Longer than an Year” (Yugoslavia)
Prize for the best direction: Kenneth Loach (Great Britain) for “Family Life”
Prize for the best script: Tibor Dery (Hungary) for “Love”
Prize for the best actress: Goldie Hawn (USA) for her role in “Butterflies are Free”
Prize for the best actor: Zbigniew Zapasiewicz (Poland) for his role in “Salvation”
Special Prize of the Health Workers Trade Union: “Five Men and a Heart” (Czechoslovakia)

D. Television films

Grand Prix: “Rhesus Factor” (Yugoslavia)
Gold medals in the three subgroups: “Know Yourself” (USSR), ‘The Secrets of Life’s Laws” (Poland), “Do Alt End Up in the Sobering Department” (Bulgaria)
Silver medals in the three subgroups: “Operation on Call” (GDR) “Protection from the Invisible Enemy” (FRG), “On Health and the Methods of Giving First Aid” (FRG)
Scientifc and educational films on medical subjects “Technique of Laparoscopy” (FRG)
Gold Medal: “Use of Laser Rays in Medicine0 (USA)
Silver Medal: “Implantation of New Urethra in Children” (Poland) and “Mechanical Knee” (Canada)
Special Prize of the Ministry of Public Health: “Rescue from a Danger” (GDR)
CIDA LC Prize: “Stepmother” (USSR)