16-th International Festival
of Red Cross and Health Films

September 28-th - October 3-rd, 2015



The Best Red Cross and Red Crescent Movie Award goes to the film „МUSTESFA” (HOSPITAL), Turkey, directed by Armagan Pekkaya

The advantage of the film is the expressive way of showing Red Crescent Activities with pictures that need no explanation. Darfur crisis is not over yet, that makes the film up-to-date with the issues of the human rights and the medical care rights.

The Special Red Cross and Red Crescent Films Award goes to the film „IF YOU THINK YOU’RE USELESS”, Finland, produced by Finnish Red Cross.

The film focuses on the fate of an imprisoned man, which changes, after he becomes Red Cross volunteer; it is full of hope and life perspectives; humanity can transform the mode of thinking.

The President of the Bulgarian Red Cross Award goes to the films „DISASTER MANAGEMENT UNIT” I и II и „EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES” I и II, Lebanon, Directed by Naji Bechara

The film shows the Red Crescent activities in an interesting and understandable for the audience way; filmmakers’ work is professional and of a high quality.

The Best Documentary Film Award goes to „TOTAL denial”, Bulgaria, directed by Milena Kaneva

The film covers sub-categories as: ecology, migration, human rights. It is an impressive, real story shown in an emotional way with extreme filmmaker’s courage. The problems discussed in the film still exist and the central message is that people are capable to fight for their human rights, even against the big corporations.

The Documentary Films Special Award goes to „DEATH – a series abour life”, Norway, Director: Eirind Tolas

Good cinematographic work and excellent actors’ play. Good preliminary preparation. The main item – man and the death – an item emotional for everyone, but hard to discuss. The authors find a way to present it in an easy way with hints of humor.

The Diploma for Documentary Films Award goes to the film „THE PRICE OF LONG LIFE”, Bulgaria, Director: Valentina Fidanova – Kolarova

A peculiar glance at a medical problem, presented through the prism of art.

The Diploma for Documentary Films Award goes to the film „SOFIA'S LAST AMBULANCE”, Bulgaria, Director и Cinematographer: Iliyan Metev

The film treats today’s humanitarian and health problems.

The Diploma for Documentary Films Award goes to the film „THE FREELY RECEIVED, FREELY GIVE”, Bulgaria, Director and script: Iva Martinova

The film shows the organs’ donation problems in Bulgaria through different points of view.

The Rector of the Varna Medical University Documentary Films Award goes to the film „PRECIOUS LIFE”, Israel, Director: Shlomi Eldar

The film treats items like medicine, healthcare, human rights, and humanity. It is a mighty appeal for peace, proving that there are no borders in the fight for the human life.

The Best Feature Film Award goes to the film „BOTA”, Albania, Director and script: ELEZI & Thomas Logoreci

High cinematographic value, impressive pictures, impressive actors’ performance. The film is a universal issue of the strive for freedom and better life. This is not a story of the Albanian people alone; it is a story of today that may happen anywhere.

The Feature Film Special Award goes to the film "THE CHILDREN OF IRENA SENDLER", Poland, Director: John Kent Harrisson

The film presents in an emotional and impressive way the humanity.

The Mayor of Varna Award for Significant Creative Achievement goes to the film „SHOOTING STAR”, Bulgaria - Italy, directed by Lubo Yonchev

An original story of the grand theme of the mother’s love to her children, told by young authors. A film telling important messages arising discussions.


Special award for the first University internet digital television - Mu-VI.tv

Filmmakers award for the movie "HOLY MOTHER PYRE"

Nu Boyana award for the movie "DIAGNOSIS +"

Special DIPLOMA for the Swiss Red Cross for the largest number of movies - 16 movies in the program.

Special DIPLOMA for the New Zealand Red Cross for the film that traveled 20000 km. to Bulgaria

Denisslava Angelova - Baronne Plevenska Award for the film "DIABET CAUSE",Bulgaria.