ARCHIVE / 1981


Varna, 3 — 12 June 1981

Prize Winners

A. Red Cross films

The Golden Ship Grand Prix: “The Activists of the Red Cross” (Vietnam)
Grand Prix of the League: “Colombian Red Cross” (Colombia)
Gold medals In the three subgroups: “Until the Ambulance Arrives” (Hungary), “The Children of Palestine” (Palestine Red Crescent), “A Problem Which Might not Exist” (Italy)
Silver medals in the three subgroups: “Muscle Cramps” (Bulgaria), “Coming Back to Life” (USSR), “Children are Looking at us” (Czechoslovakia)

B. Short and medium-length films

Grand Prix: “Mandolino Concert” (Greece)
Gold medals in the three subgroups: “Coming Back to Life” (Hungary), “Pollution and Nuisance Along the Mediterranean Coast” (France), “Eye Pathology in General Children’s Diseases” (USSR)
Silver medals in the three subgroups: “Fear is against us” (Czechoslovakia), “S.O.S. Sea Snails” (Bulgaria), “Endoprothesis Etropal” (Bulgaria)

C. Full-length feature films

Grand Prix: “In for Treatment” (Netherlands)
Prize for the best direction: to Jaime de Arm man for “The Nest” (Spain)
Prize for the best actress: to Natalya Gundareva (USSR) for her role in “Once, Twenty Years Later”
Prize for the best actor: to Georgy Georgiev-Getz (Bulgaria) for his role in “Mercy for the Living”
Special Prize of the League: “Sunday Parents” (Hungary)
Special Prize of the Health Workers Trade Union: “Transfiguration Hospital” (Poland)

D. Television Programmes

Grand Prix: “Blind, Deaf, Dumb” (GDR)
Gold Medal: “I, Too, in this World” (Bulgaria)
Special Prize for actuality: “The Smoking Family” (Finland)
Special Prize for the best film on health education; “Inventions for Health” (Czechoslovakia)
The CIDALC “Leonide Moguy” Prize: “You Can” (USA) with a special mention to “Love Can Make the Rainbow” (Japan)
Special Prize of the National Club for Creative Art: “The Children of the OneLine Musical Score” (Japan)