ARCHIVE / 1977


Varna, 16 - 25 June 1977

Prize Winners

A. Red Cross Films

The Golden Ship Grand Prix: “Bitter Lessons” (USSR)
Grand Prix of the League: “Faces” (France)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “Red Cross Drummer” (Czechoslovakia) and “Humanity in Action” (Canada)
Silver medals in the two subgroups: “External Bleedings”, “Immobilization of Fractures of the Lower Limbs” and “Action in an Emergency” (WHO, ILO,League); “Our Mark — Squirrel” (Poland)

B. Short and medium-length films

Grand Prix: “To Live, for Life is Proof” (Japan)
Gold medals in the three subgroups: “Brave People” (USSR), “Ssh…Ssh”(Czechoslovakia), “The Human Brain” (USA)
Silver medals in the three subgroups: “Object Bacterium” (France), “To Turn a Turtle” (Bulgaria), “Black Case” (Hungary)

C. Full-length feature films

Grand Prix: “Condemned” (Poland)
Special Prize of the League: “Mariko Mother” (Japan)
Gold medal: “Dr. Francoise Gailland” (France)
Silver medal: “Surgeons” (Bulgaria)
Prize for the best direction: Rene van Nie (Netherlands) for “Anna, Child of the Daffodils”
Prize for the best actress: Annie Girardot (France) for her role in “Dr. Francoise Gailland”
Prize for the best actor: Heinf Mandri (USSR) for his- role in “Time to Live and Time to Love”
Special Prize of the Health Workers Trade Union: “Red Apples” (Romania)

D. Television films

Grand Prix: “Illusion” (Canada)
Gold medals in the three subgroups: “World of Science” (Sweden), “Doctor” (USSR)
Silver medals In die three subgroups: “The Days of Dr. Mishkin” (USSR), “Death Before Dying” (FRG), “The Third Life” (Czechoslovakia), “The Vision of the Blind” (Great Britain)