ARCHIVE / 1975


Varna, 16 — 25 June 1975

Prize Winners

A. Red Cross Films

Golden Ship Grand Prix: “Parable of the Wheel” (USSR)
Grand Prix of the League: “Street and Man” (Yugoslavia)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “Myocardial Infarcts and Afterwards” (Bulgaria), “Surviving Cyclones” (League, UNESCO, WMO)
Silver medals in the two subgroups: “Blood” (FRG), “When Disaster Strikes” (Australia)

B. Short and medium-length films

Grand Prix: “Attention” (Czechoslovakia)
Special Prize: “Hunger” (Canada)
Gold medals in the four subgroups: “Somebody Waiting” (USA), “In the Field of Loneliness” (Bulgaria), “Assault Against Cancer” (Bulgaria, USSR), “Give Me the Earth” (France), “A Quotation from U Thane’s Report” (Poland), “Diagnosis and Surgical Treatment of Arteriosclerotic Coronary Arterial Disease” (USA)
Silver medals in the four subgroups: “Humanity in Test” (GDR), “Architectural Barriers” (Canada), “Eye Operation” (Bulgaria), “Rehabilitation after Myocardial Infarcts” (FRG)

C. Full-length feature films

Gold Medal: “Damned Souls” (Bulgaria)
Silver Medal: “Ballad of the Silk Tree” (Japan)
Prize for the best direction: Benoit Lamy for “Home, Sweet Home” (Belgium)
Prize for the best actor: Jan Englert (Poland) for his role in “Damned Souls” (Bulgaria)
Prize for the best actress: Lea Savina (USSR) for her role in “Every Day of Dr, Kalinnikova”
Special Prize of the League: “What Is the Color of the Wind” (Mexico)
Special Prize of the Health Workers Trade Union: “Every Day of Dr, Kalinnikova” (USSR)

D. Television films

Grand Prix: “Sketch of the Good Heart” (Bulgaria)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “Hello, Doctor” (USSR), “After the Parcel Explodes” (Great Britain)
Silver medals in the two subgroups: “Grant char — sequences 9 and 12” (Bulgaria), “I Had to Do Something” (Hungary)
CIDALC Prize: Dr. Kiril Ignatov (Bulgaria)
Prize of the San Sebastian International Assembly of Medical Films: Dr. Georgy Karpati (Hungary)
Prize for the best amateur film (special competition): “Mental Deficiency and its Roots in infancy” (Italy)