ARCHIVE / 1985


Varna, 1 — 15 June 1985

Prize Winners

A. Red Cross films

Golden Ship Grand Prix: “A Message from Aaland” (League, in cooperation with the ICBC, the Finnish Red Cross and the Swedish Red Cross)
Grand Prix of the League: "Light the Darkness" (USA)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “Friend or Enemy” (Bulgaria) and “If a Woman Smokes” (USSR); “Young Volunteers in Our Town” (Japan)
Silver medals in the two subgroups: “At Home” (Romania), “The Challenge: The Work of the Red Cross Delegate” (Denmark)

B. Short and medium-length films

Grand Prix: “Hobble” (LISSR)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “Cerebro-spinal Meningitis in Africa” France), “Children of Our Future” (Denmark)
Silver medals in the two subgroups: “To Be Reincarnated in Yourself” Bulgaria, “One Out of Ten” (Hungary)

C. Feature films

Grand Prix: “The Holy innocents” (Spain)
Prize for the best direction: to Nikolay Gubenko (USSR) for “Life, Tears and Love”
Prize for the best actress: to Riitta Viiperi (Finland) for “Burning Angel”
Prize for the best actor: to Vassil Mikhaylov (Bulgaria) for “Question Time”
Special Prize of the League: “The Terry Fox Story: Heart of a Champion” (Canada)
Special Prize for the film reflecting in the best way the humanity and heroism in health workers’ activity: “Becoming Aware” (Argentina)

D. Television films and programmes

Grand Prix: “The Last Right” (Canada)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “The Living Body: ‘Two Hearts That Beat as One” (Great Britain), “One Man’s Fight, for Life” (USA)
Silver medals in the two subgroups: “Big City’s Health (USSR), “Everest’84” (Bulgaria)
Special Prize for the best films on health education: “Did the Stork Bring it?“ (Hungary)
Diploma for a film on health education: “Rooming in” (Czechoslovakia)
CIDALC Prize “Leonide Moguy”: “Human Jigsaw” (Australia)
FIPRESCI Prize: “Threshold” (India)
WHO Special Prize: “Prescription for Health” (Canada)
Special Prize of the Committee for European Security arid Cooperation in Varna: “This Should not Happen Again” (USSR)