ARCHIVE / 1991


Varna, June 1991

Prize Winners

A. Non-feature Red Cross and Health films for cinema and television (up to 60 minutes)

Grand Prix "Golden Ship" of the chairman of Bulgarian Red Cross: „Expelled from Eden” (Island)
Grand Prix of the League: „With finger on the pulse” (Netherland)
Special Prize for best health and ecological film „Can polar bears swim upright” (UK)
Special Prize for best sciantific or health educational film „Erythropoiesis and erythropoietin” Japan)

Sub-group „а” (films propagandizing ideas of Red Cross and Red Crescent)

Gold medal „Multi-faced AIDS virus” — САЩ.
Silver medal „Burning heart” (Danemark)

Sub-group „б” (popular science, documentary, animation, poster-films and other films dealing with health and environmental problems)

Gold medal „Transplantation is life” (Canada)
Silver medal „With eyes on the future” (Japan)

Sub-group „в” (science and educational)

Gold medal „Oxygen” (Canada)
Silver medal „Schistosomiasis” (UK)

B. Feature films

Grand Prix for best movie „Music Box” (USA) directed by Costa Gavras for his high artistic qualities and deep look in search of truth.
Grand Prix for best television movie „Where the Spirit Lives” (Canada) directed by Bruce Pitman for high professional quality and understanding of human culture relation with the modern world. The Jury also made special note of the exceptional performance of the young Michelle Saint John.
Prize for the best direction: Xavier Colier for the movie „Travel of hope“ (Swiss)
Prize for the best actress: Jane Birkin for the movie "Daddy Nostalgie" (France) directed by Bertran Tavernie.
Prize for the best actor: Robin Williams for "Awakenings" (USA) directed by Penny Marshall.
Speacial prize of the League: „Fallen from the sky (Caídos del cielo)” (Spain) directed by Francisco Lombardi for a different look on the humanism problems.

CIDALC Prize “Leonide Moguy”:

The CIDALC Jury (International Committee for distribution of art and literature through cinema) award with the prize "Leonide Moguy", dedicated to the subject "Human and Nature"to the film „Zhoktau - chronicle of the dead sea” (USSR)
The prize is given to the director Sergey Azimov for mastery in composition, montage and camera work.
The CIDALC Jury also award with encouragement prize the movie „Black chronicle” (Bulgaria), for presenting the national character, seen through the prism of the ecological problems, and a second encouragement prize for the film „Can polar bears swim upright” (UK), for presenting difficult ecological problems in their entirety.
Special Prize of World Health Organization for health education and information: „The women error” (USA), a Pyramid Film&Video production. The film is a serious mean against smoking and for healthy living.