ARCHIVE / 1979


Varna, 9 — 18 June 1979

Prize Winners

A. Red Cross films

The Golden Ship Grand Prix: “Summer Has Come” (USSR)
Grand Prix of the League: “The Club of 6000” (Belgium)
Gold medals in the three subgroups: “Water Safety Technique” {Bulgaria), “A Balcony Full of Diapers” (Czechoslovakia), “Challenge in Africa for the International Red Gross” (ICBC)
Silver medals in the three subgroups: “Driver, Alcohol, Medicine” (Czechoslovakia), “The Work of Mercy Never Ends” (Afghanistan), “In the Country of Friendship” (Bulgaria, USSR)

B. Short and medium-length films

Grand Prix: “Don’t Worry, There is Nothing Much” (Netherlands)
Gold medals in the three subgroups: “A Difficult Moment to Overcome” (Vietnam), “Water and Man” (Hungary), “Treatment of the Prostate and Bladder Tumour” (USSR)
Silver medals in the three subgroups: “PH Find a Way” (Canada), “Water the Hazardous Necessity” (Canada), “Life and Nutrition-intestinal Functions” (Poland)

C. Full-length feature films

Grand Prix: “Knife in the Head” (FBG)
Prize for the best direction: Robin Spry (Canada) for the film “One Man”
Prize for the best actress: Ely Skorcheva (Bulgaria) in “Adaptation”
Prize for the best actor: Walter Matthau (USA) in “House Galls”
Special Prize of the League: “Be Blessed” (Bulgaria)
Special Prize of the Health Workers Trade Union: “Adaptation” (Bulgaria)

D. Television Programs

Grand Prix: “Four Women” (Canada)
Gold Medal: “Life in a Wheelchair” (GDR)
Silver Medal: “Little Drops” (Finland)
Special Prize for the best script: “A Life for the Life” (GDR)
Special Prize for the best film on health education: “Yesterday, When I Was Young” (Switzerland)
The CIDALC “Leonide Moguy” Prize: ex aequo to “Wild Rose” (Japan) and "For a Child’s Smile Ail Over the World” (League, Hungary, Bulgaria)