ARCHIVE / 1989


Varna, 27 May — 4 June 1989

Prize Winners

A. Short and medium-length films

Grand Prix of the chairman of Bulgarian Red Cross: „We Thank You” (Japan)
Grand Prix of the League: „Omer Khan story” (Red Cross International Committee)
Grand Prix for Health film: „I am the heart of Joe” (USA)
Special Prize for health education film: „New methods for the treatment of ischemic heart disease” (Chehoslovakia)

Sub-group „A”

Gold medal: „Rememberance of Julia Vrevska” (Bulgaria)
Silver medal: „I must seem horrible to You” (UK)

Sub-group „B”

Gold medal: „No turn back” (Australia)
Silver medal: „Not bitter than tears” (Danemark)

Sub-group „C”

Gold medal: „Talk about diseases of the rectum and anus” (China)
Silver medal: „Warning: alert of infection among health workers” (USA)

B. Feature films

Grand Prix: „Hello, Bombay” (India)
Prize for the best direction: Vladimir Bortko for the movie „Dog heart” (USSR)
Prize for the best actress: Svetla Yancheva for the movie „I, the Countess” (Bulgaria)
Prize for the best actor: Mamfred Miyok for the movie „To bear another's burden” (GDR)
Special Prize for the film reflecting in the best way the humanity and heroism in health workers’ activity: „Forest brought to life” (Spain)

C. Television films and programmes

Special prize from TV&Radio Committee: „Kill or mercy” (USA)

Sub-group „A”

Gold medal: „Hitomi eyes” (Japan)
Silver medal: „Triple somersault” (Bulgaria)

Sub-group „B”

Gold medal: „The dark side of hope” (Canada)
Silver medal: „Kurgan's doctor” (USSR)

Special Prize for the best sanitary and educational film: „Children who learned to hear” (Canada)
Encouragement: “Angel from Siberia” (Sweden) and „Green brother” (USSR)
Special Prize of World Health Organization for sanitary and informational film: „The frog and the whale” (Canada)
Special Prize of World Health Organization for best AIDS themed film: „Without guilt” (Canada)
CIDALC Prize “Leonide Moguy”: „The frog and the whale” (Canada)
FISPRESCI Prize: „I, the Countess” (Bulgaria)