ARCHIVE / 1987


Varna, 30 May — 7 June 1987

Prize Winners

A. Red Cross films

Golden Ship Grand Prix: “Beyond Fear” (USA)
Grand Prix of the League: “To Walk Again” (ICRC)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “Snow White” (Bulgaria), “Chain of Life” (Finland/USSR)
Silver medals: “Apples from the Family Garden” (Romania), “This is Your Blood” (Australia)

B. Short and medium-length films

Grand Prix: “Home No. 8” (Bulgaria)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “Hiro, Walk Tall” (Japan), “At the Threshold of Life” (Poland)
Silver medals: “The Road: Do not Bar” (Poland), “Corium Interposition Plastic at the Knee-Joint” (FRG)

C. Feature films

Grand Prix: “Dead Man’s Letters” (USSR)
Prize for the best direction: to Randa Haines (USA) for the film “Children of a Lesser God”
Prize for the best actress: to Ely Skorcheva (Bulgaria) for “Eve on the Third Floor”
Prize for the best actor: to Imanol Arias (Spain) for “Time of Silence”
Special Prize of the League: “The Crossing” (India)
Special Prize for the film reflecting in the best way the humanity and heroism in health workers’ activity: “Scalpel, Please” (Czechoslovakia)

D. Television films and programmes

Grand Prix: “The Donor’s Heart” (Bulgaria)
Gold medals in the two subgroups: “The End” (USSR), “Blood of Our Children” (Canada)
Silver medals in the two subgroups: “The White Card” (Czechoslovakia), “Saving the Flowers” (Cuba)
Special Prize for the best health education film: “Diagnosis - Cancer” (GOB)
Diploma for a film on health education: “When Nature Fails: A Modern View of In Vitro Fertilization” (Netherlands)
CIDALC Prize “Leonide Moguy”: “Doru, 8 Years Old”: To Live Fast” (France)
FISPRESCI Prize: “The Crossing” (India)
WHO Special Prize: “Second Wind” (USSR)
Golden Hippocrates Prize of the Italian Medical Press to: Educational and Scientific Films Studio at the Medical Academy, Sofia, for its whole work.