ARCHIVE / 1971


Varna, 21 – 30 June 1971

Prize Winners

A. Short and medium-length films

Golden Ship Grand Prix of the Bulgarian Red Cross President: “The Unknown Continent”(FRG)
Grand Prix of the League: “Kirathimo”(Kenya)
Gold medals in the tree subgroups: “From Heart to Heart” (USSR), “Do You Know That”(Bulgaria), “We, the Grave-Diggers”(Switzerland)
Silver medals in the three subgroups: “A flag and People”(ICRC), “Heel Tip – Whole Foot”(Czechoslovakia)
Prize of Hygiene and Epidemiology institute: “Dangerous Living Together”(Bulgaria)

B. Full length feature films

Grand Prix: “The Raging Moon”(Great Britain)
Gold Medal: “Dr. Zomer II”(GDR)
Silver Medal: “The Way to the Heart”(USSR)
Special Prize of the League: Glenn Ford for his role in “The Rage”(USA/Mexico)
Prize for the best direction: Velko Bulaic for “The Battle for Neretva”(Yugoslavia)
Prize for the best actress: Nanette Newman in “The Raging Moon”(Great Britain)
Prize for the best actor: Alberto Sordi in “The Doctor from the Social Welfare”(Italy)
Special Prize of the Health Workers Trade Union: “Appeal from the Front (Vietnam)
Special Prize from Varna Public: “The Rage” (USA/Mexico)

C. Television films on health subjects

Grand Prix: “Attacks without superstition”(Czechoslovakia)
Gold medals in the tree subgroups: “Man do not Cry”(USSR), “Not Only at Christmas”(Switzerland), “Menu of the Future”(GDR)
Silver medals in the three subgroups: “Say Your Name”(Hungary), “Childhood National Deed Institution”(Belgium), “Albert Chalmette”(France)

D. Scientific and educational films on medical subjects

Grand Prix: “Chemotherapy of Malignant Tumors” (Hungary)
Gold Medal: “Biological Perspective”(Bulgaria)
Silver Medal: “Progress in Blood Transfusion”(France), “Modern Hysteroscopy”(GDR)
Special Prize: “Skin and Organ Grafts”(Netherlands)