International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films


October 8 - 11, 2020


THE WHITE ROOM(1968) Bulgaria, 83 min.

Director: Metodi Andonov
Screenplay: Bogomil Raynov
Cameraman: Dimo Kolarov
Music: Dimitar Valchev
Cast: Apostol Karamitev, Dorothea Toncheva, Elena Raynova, Konstantin Kotsev, Georgi Cherkelov, Georgi Kaloyanchev, Grigor Vachkov, Ilka Zafirova, Naycho Petrov and others.

The film reveals the drama of the scientist Petar Alexandrov, painfully experiencing the complex conflicts of the past years, painfully searching for the meaning of the contradictory, complex human being. Along with the specific problems related to the time of the cult of personality, the hero asks a number of other questions - the fidelity to the ideas and the price of friendship, compromise and indifference, and above all - the high cost of human life.

YO HO HO (1981) Bulgaria, 98 min.

Director: Zako Heskia
Screenplay: Valery Petrov
Cameraman: Stefan Trifonov
Music: Kiril Donchev
Cast: Kiril Variyski, Viktor Chuchkov, Iliya Penev, Anani Anev, Sonya Dyulgerova, Georgi Bahchevanov, Vasil Stoychev, Boyka Velkova and others.

The film introduces us to the everyday life of a hospital. Here begins the friendship between the Young Man, a young man with a broken spine, and Leonid, a ten-year-old boy with a broken arm. Having fallen into a severe mental crisis, the young man decides to attract Lenny so that he can get poison through him and commit suicide, and so he begins his fantastic story about the Black Pirate ... Gradually he really gets into his fiction. For this he is helped by the child, whom he loves more with each passing day. In the end, Leonie frees her friend from loneliness and despair and brings him back to life.

LOVE (1972) Bulgaria, 90 min.

Director: Lyudmil Staykov
Screenplay: Alexander Karasimeonov
Cameraman: Boris Yanakiev
Music: Simeon Pironkov
Cast: Violeta Doneva, Nevena Kokanova, Ivan Kondov, Katya Dineva, Stefan Danailov, Andrey Chaprazov, Banko Bankov, Nikolay Binev, Anton Karastoyanov and others.

Based on the novel of the same name by Alexander Karasimeonov, the film reveals the complex fate of a girl with acute sensitivity, looking for her way in life. The authors reflect on the moral virtues of generations, on the aspirations of young people for the good and pure in man, on their rebellion against indifference, complacency and guildness.

ENEMIES (2017) Bulgaria, 101 min.

Director: Svetosav Ovcharov
Script: Svetoslav Ovcharov
Camera: Rali Ralchev
Cast: Asen Blatechki, Ivan Barnev, Valentin Ganev, Hristo Ushev, Stefan Mavrodiev, Leart Dokle, Dimitar Ovcharov
Producers: Svetla Tsostorkova, Svetoslav Ovcharov
Production of: Omega Films, with the support of Nationaf Film Centre

The spring of 1913. The Balkan War. A Turkish battleship terrorizes the Bulgarian army with its long-range guns. Despite the controversy between them, a group of desperate warriors decide to carry a boat to the coast. They want to turn the boat into a human torpedo and cause the battleship sink. On their way they collide with some Turkish soldiers and instead of enemies they become their allies. Sometimes the contradictions between the Bulgarians may prove to be stronger than the hatred to the enemies.

BORDERS, RAINDROPS (2018) Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Serbia, UK, Sweden, 93 min., feature

Directors & screenplay: Nikola Mijovic, Vlastimir Sudar
Camera: Milos Jacimovic
Music: Miscellaneous
Stars: Kristina Stevović, Vahidin Prelić, Robert Budak, Nedeljko Milović, Ognjen Vujović, Momo Pićurić
Production: Balkan Kino, Montenegro Max Films, Media Plus, Oskar Film

'Borders, Raindrops' is a film about love, matu­ri­ty, and hope, growing in a barren and abando­ned landscape high up in the mountains above the Adriatic Sea, on the newly formed borders of three countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Croatia. A city girl with the delicious name Jagoda (strawberry) arrives here to spend the summer vacation with her extended family. At the one side of the border a cousin of hers is building a house, but in the declining village of former Yugoslavia he has no one to marry and live with him. At the other side another her cousin is convinced that his nation is better than the rest, and therefore he has nothing to do with them. But Jagoda’s presence creates a connection between the two families, divided by the borderline, with no passports or umbrellas needed.

BORDER MONOLOGUES (2020) Greece, 15 min.

Each separate video directed by:
Anthi Foundas
Costas Palamedes
Iliana Panagiotounis
Paraskevas Terezakis
Athanasia Gkanas
George Paterakis

Written by: Christiana Lambrinidis
Edited by: George Paterakis

3100: RUN AND BECOME (2018) USA, 79 min., documentary

Director: Sanjay Rawal
Camera: Sean Kibby
Music: Michael A. Levine
Production: Illumine

What if running could lead to enlightenment?
The plot centers on the the world's longest race - Self-Transcendence 3100 Miler in New York City, organized by Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, and follows Ashprihanal Aalto, a Finnish courier, and Shamita, an Austrian cellist. Capturing the esoteric, spiritual side of running, the film as well takes the viewers to places around the world where ancient cultures have held running sacred, such as the forests of Finland, mountains of Japan, the Kalahari Desert in Africa and the Navajo Nation Reservation in Arizona.

88MHz (2016) Bulgaria, 39’, documentary

Director: Yana Titova

88 MHz is a short documentary about the theatre radio journalist Jordan Georgiev, who is hosting the cultural program " No Masks "every Monday. Jordan is taking interviews with Bulgaria's most talented actors, directors, playwrights and film makers, truly going into the deepest aspects of their work, bringing unique depths of their art which no other journalist can see. Jordan is sightless.

ICARUS FROM KOCHERINOVO (2017) Bulgaria, 61 min.

Director and screenplay: Emil Spahiyski
Camera: Kiril Prodanov
Music: Georgi Strezov
Production: Contrast Films, Sonus, Screening Emotions, Andarta Studio
With the financial support of Bulgarian National Film Centre

The film tells of the full with dramatic twists of fate life story of a dreamer - Nikolay Popovski from Kocherinovo. Since childhood he dreams of flying. Without any special education he invents and builds the first Bulgarian hlicopter - in the backyard of his father's house. His ambitions become bigger and bigger, the inventions - bolder, but life turns out to be as cruel as big his dreams are. What is the price of a dream? What do you pay for getting close to the sun?

RUN FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T (2019) Bulgaria, 35 min., documentary

Director: Dimitar Nazarov
Director of Photography: Alexander Mihaylov
Editor: Boyan Lyubenov
Cast: Lybomir Mihaylov, Iveta Stambolska, Joana Yordanova, Bogomil Ivanov, Parakids and friends
Creative Producer: Alia Tzvetkova
Producer: Yariv Lerner, Alexander Kenanov
Production: Nu Boyana Film

RUN FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T is a story about moti­va­tion, determination and teamwork which trans­cend the physical limitations of the body. The film is a chronicle of an event which ends up being more than the sum of its parts. It is the story of an organization determined to bring sports to kids with special needs. Through various challenges and setbacks the kids and their trainers manage to come together as a team and take part in the Sofia Mara­thon in order to raise funds for specialized equip­ment. Doing so they also spread an all important message about the necessity of sport activities and how they bring people together as equals.

THE DREAM OF SAMIR/ SAMIR’IN RÜYASI Turkey, 2017, 27’, colour, documentary

Director: Armağan Pekkaya
Music: Tolga Akkuş
Production: Karşı Açı Film

This film tells the true story of Samir, an 8-year-old who had to flee Afghanistan due to war. Samir was found about to freeze to death while he was on his way to Turkey on foot to reach his family in Denmark.

THE 3 WOMEN / 3 KADIN Turkey, 2018, 17’, colour, documentary

Director, script writer and producer: Armağan Pekkaya
Camera: Özgür Altınay

This film is dedicated to hundreds of thousands of Rohingyas who have had to migrate from Myanmar to Bangladesh and have lost their lives in the migration path. In the film, the story of three women who were able to save their lives is included.

THE SILENT ANGEL (2018) Bulgaria, Germany, 57 min., documentary

Director, camera & music: Nedy John Cross
Screenplay: Nedy John Cross, Ute Ehrenberg, Maya Pavlova
Production: Starlight Entertainment

This is the story of 103 year-old Dobri Dobrev, a Bulgarian beggar who wanted to change the world. Living in poverty himself, he turned to be the greatest benefactor of one of the most revered Cathedrals on the Balkans – St. Alexander Nevsky, as well as of other crumbling monasteries and churches. He is praised by thousands of ordinary peo­ple who are profoundly touched by his compassion for others. Dobri has received worldwide attention from those who have been inspired by his life. His story is shared in hundreds of thousands of YouTube videos and Facebook posts. He has also been re-Tweeted on Twitter thousands of times where he is called "The most humble man on the Earth“ and " The Saint from Baylovo“. Outliving two world wars, changes of political regimes and the passions of modern times, his story comes to us to touch us with his infinite love, pure heart and deep faith.

Producion of MU-VI.TV

АРМИЯ В БЯЛО (2020) България

Автор и водещ: Силвия Николова
Оператор: Лазар Еленков

Документална поредица на за съвременните герои, изправени пред непознат, невидим и много жесток враг. Откровени и емоционални разкази от първо лице на хората, които застават очи в очи със световната пандемия COVID – 19. Истории от цял свят за самоотрицание, саможертва и огромно човеко­любие.

В програмата на Есенна академия 2020 са включени следните епизоди:

Крадец на препитание, с д-р Чавдар Попов, 25 мин.
COVID-19 - (НЕ)нужният економически рестарт, с д-р Каприел Каприлян, 22 мин.
В очакване на COVID-20, д-р Огнян Калинов, 19 мин.
Безсилието на силните, с д-р Стоян Монев, 23 мин.
Oчи, молещи за въздух, с д-р Свилена Панова, 23 мин.

МИСИЯ: ВОЕНЕН ЛЕКАР (2020) България

Автор: Магдалена Тодорова
Оператор: Евтим Христов
Монтаж и графична обработка: инж. Анатолий Добрев
Тонрежисьор: Волен Войнов

Документалната поредица за мисиите на българските военни лекари. В десет минутните епизоди участват кадри на Военномедицинска академия - София

В програмата на Есенна академия 2020 са включени следните епизоди:
Mайор д-р Димитър Костов
Капитан д-р Цветан Станимиров
Майор доц. д-р Георги Попиванов
Старши лейтенант д-р Адриана Камбурова

RED CROSS FILMS PROGRAM (2020) Bulgaria - Swiss

Volunteers of the Bulgarian Red Cross in the fight against COVID-19 (2020) Bulgarian Red Cross, 2'28 "
Volunteers - BRC Nessebar (2020) BRC - OS Burgas, 11 '
May 8 (2020) BRC - Burgas District Court, 8 '
Hygiene and prevention of COVID -19 (2020) BRC together with the Swiss Red Cross, 6'58 "
# TogetherAgainCOVID19 - announcement of the charity campaign of the Bulgarian Red Cross (2020) BRC, 1'9 "

Films from various regional councils of the Bulgarian Red Cross produced in 2020. The program will be broadcast during the breaks of the Discussion Studio on October 9, 2020.

VOLUNTEERS (2017) Bulgaria, 12’22’’, documentary

Screenplay: Dr. Artyun Erinozov
Production: Media Group Dobrudzha, Bulgarian Red Cross – Regional Council – Dobrich

The film presents the work of the Bulgarian Red Cross Youth - Dobrich.

TOGETHER THROUGH THE STORM (2017) Bulgaria, 14‘, documentary

Screenplay: Slavcho Nikolov
Camera: Valentin Ivanov, Dobromir Dochev
Production: Bulgarian Red Cross – Regional Council – Shumen

Regional training of the volunteers in disaster response teams.

WE HELP TOGETHER (2018) Bulgaria, 26‘22‘‘, documentary

Director, screenwriter and cameraman: Kremena Vateva
Production: Bulgarian Red Cross - Regional Council - Burgas
Looking for answers to the questions what is humanism and what our society needs to become more humane, BRC-Burgas consults 17 different organizations (NGOs and institutions), whose views are presented in this movie.