International Festival
of Red Cross and Health Films

September 16 - 19, 2021


THE GRAND PRIZE OF THE FESTIVAL is awarded to the film "Life from Life", Bulgaria, directed by Stefan Komandarev.

It shows the phenomenal combination between the doctor and the filmmaker. With biblical simplicity and spartan rigor, he tells of the unconditional donor giving, of the patience, anticipation and hope that arise in the name of the deep trace that must remain after every human life in order to have it long on this earth.

The special jury award is given to the film "My Voice Will Be with You", Belgium, directed by Bruno Tract.

A film that bravely and boldly enters the unreal space through surgical hypnosis. He convincingly tells about a new experimental method related to the magical effect of the human voice and the willow verbalization. It witnesses us to its power, which, by evoking positive associations, dulls even the unbearable pain of complete, total trust between doctor and patient.

The award for best director is given to Stanimir Trifonov for the film "The Blessed One", Bulgaria.

It is awarded for boldly entering the incalculable, unexplored spaces of the "blissful" subconsciousness, which gives rise to better and more just worlds. And for the high artistic mastery, manifested through the bright cinematic image of the ever-flowing and changing River of Time.

The Best Screenplay Award goes to Rafael Balboni and Anne Sirot for "MADLY IN LIFE / UNE VIE DEMENTE", Belgium.

They are rightly awarded the prize for history, masterfully and biasedly telling the stages of the disease dementia, which fatally destroys the mind of an interesting, extraordinary, artistic person. They both offer another, bold and unexpected solution - man can and must be accepted with love and patience, as he is in the society of the healthy and reasonable.

The award for best film in the category of Red Cross and Red Crescent films is given to the film "Preparing with Pedro" by the American Red Cross.

An animation film presented in the form of a triptych, which introduces us to hand washing as a clever and fun adventure; with the need for self-control in case of power failure; with responsible behavior in a forest fire. Curious and instructive stories about young and old, presented lightly and casually in the complete absence of annoying morals.

The special award in the category Films of the Red Cross and Red Crescent of the CHAIRMAN of the Bulgarian Red Cross is awarded to the film "Angel of Mercy", Bulgaria, Regional Council of the Bulgarian Red Cross - Ruse.

The film is honored with this award because it raises the topic of short memory and the grass of oblivion that covers the feat. And because the attitude of the Municipality of Byala, producer of the film, towards the exceptional personality of Baroness Julia Vrevska - a compassionate sister nurse, volunteer, carried on her fragile shoulders dozens wounded from the battlefields of the Russian-Turkish Liberation War and left her bones in Bulgarian land

The award for best film in the HEALTH FILMS category is given to the film "Flyers", Russia.

The jury worships his characters its heroes, the team that created it and authentically documented the feat of doctors rescuing newborns by air ambulance in the harsh conditions of the Russian North. "We are not Gods, but we seem to be" is the memorable concluding line in the finale of this film.

The special prize in the category HEALTH FILMS of the Rector of the Medical University - Varna is awarded to the film "The Disease of the Kings", Bulgaria, directed by Valentina Fidanova-Kolarova.

Curious and informative, through animation, old paintings and a fascinating story of a specialist doctor is presented "The disease of kings" - gout. The interesting and new thing in this case is that the doctor does not recommend complete abstinence, fear of the disease and refusal to live a life. He emphasizes balance and measure against temptation. However, life must go on, fully, even when accompanied by illness.

The award for best feature film in the DOCUMENTARY category is given to the film "Silent Heritage", directed by Petya Nakova, Bulgaria.

Friendly, openly told and shared personal story about the mission of an unreservedly dedicated teacher in an educational center for deaf children founded by her. Having gone through the ordeal of a serious illness, she returns with new energy, new ideas, renewed love for those who have entrusted their childhood to her hands, hands that speak literally and figuratively.

The award for best short film in the category of DOCUMENTARY FILMS is given to the film "Not different", screenwriters Genoveva Donkova and Prof. Dr. Violeta Yotova, Bulgaria.

With full consent, the jury awarded the prize to a film in which the eyes of a family, professionals and teachers tell about the joint program of the Municipality of Varna, the Varna Society of Pediatric Endocrinology and MU - Varna. A program that overcomes bureaucratic obstacles with a lot of effort and will, but provides a full life for children with diabetes so that they can enjoy life, play without being different and lag behind other healthy and playing children.

A special award in the DOCUMENTARY category was given to the film "WANDERING, A ROHINGYA STORY / ERRANCE SANS RETOUR", Canada, director and screenwriter Melanie Carrier and Olivier Higgins.

The jury was impressed by the exquisite cinematic language, maturity and penetrating artistic reproduction of the drama and misery of wandering migrants around the world, but at the same time respected the stoicism, patience, suffering optimism of people living in eternal anticipation of return home and better days.

The Best Feature Film Award in the FEATURE FILMS category goes to the film "Mammonga", Serbia, directed by Stefan Milesevic.

According to the jury, this is the opening discovery of the 19th International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films. A gentle, delicate, short-lived short of eloquence film in which silence speaks. It contains the conjecture clue that the universal language of the good people of the world is the silence that overflows and passes from one destiny to another. Good people have the rare gift of understanding each other in very few words and of easily, easily crossing any boundaries. Boundaries exist only on maps. They cannot destroy the army of good people in the world.

The award for best short film in the Short feature film category goes to the film "Alive", Sweden, director and screenwriter Jimmy Olson.

A film about the power of the human spirit and the thirst for a meaningful life. Its creators captivate us with their determination to defend and defend the right of every person to live his life to the fullest, to fall in love, to dream, to expect, to demand from others respect for his personality. The authors of the film overcome the feeling of doom of the person confined to the wheelchair. Discreet humor and delicate optimism are the main merits of this film.

The special award of the Mayor of Varna Municipality is awarded to the actress Lorina Kamburova, posthumously, for her role in the film "The Blessed One", directed by Stanimir Trifonov, Bulgaria.

For her short but unforgettable presence in our artistic life.

Outside the rules of the festival, the jury decided to award a special DIPLOMA to the film "Hell", documentary, Spain, directed by Raul de la Fuente.

He brings to our attention a serious and very modern topic. Dostoevsky's theme is the spiritual rebirth of man, who went through the hell of cruel social relations and realized his duty to create and multiply good among the "humiliated and offended."